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Rabbitt Rabbit! (and Happy April Fool's Day!)

[On vacation, not much to blog about. Be back later.]

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"Go Ask Alice"

I might have mentioned before how I am not a fan of "Alice In Wonderland" or "Through The Looking Glass".

I have never read any of the books; they didn't interest me. I do remember seeing a book (when I was little) that had a cartoon of Alice laying on a table with her belly 'sliced' as if it were a loaf of bread. (I had to be under 10 years old; because I was scarred for life from it.) I wonder if that's where Tom Petty got the idea for his video "Don't Come Around Here No More". In it, Alice winds up having her "body" sliced and eaten by Tom Petty's hatter's friends (because she's made into a cake--you have to see it to understand--it's most likely on YouTube).

I have seen the Walt Disney animated movie (of course); I skipped the 1990's redux (with Martin Short and Whoopie Goldberg in it).

Sister Bubba told me all about the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version (which sounds more like "The Looking Glass"); but I have no desire to see it.

But then there was SyFy's 2009 version "Alice". It was on for two nights (which in SyFy's definition meant it was on about 12 times over that whole to week period). I taped it; but never watched it. Like I said, I'm not a fan.

WELL, that's changed. It seems the reason I didn't like the other versions was because Alice is always portrayed, as I recall, as a twit. Always roaming around Wonderland (or Underland) saying "curiouser and curiouser" and getting into one predicament after another that would make a grown person curl up into a ball, sucking their thumb and saying "why me?".

On this past Sunday, I was waiting for Sister Bubba to come and pick me up (we were going to Red Lobster for dinner, delicious!). So I had some time to kill, and the Pocket Ferengei was gone for the day (watching racing at his friend Wayne-O's house). So I figured, why not get over watching this (so I could free up some space on the old DVR).

Wow! You know, I'm glad I watched it this week (because last week or the week before it came out on DVD and I went out and bought it [$15.00 at Wal-Mart].)

"Alice" (like SyFy's version of The Wizard Of Oz) went in a different direction.

First off, Alice is a brunet, 20-something Karate instructor. Second, the people in Wonderland were named "Hatter" or "Dodo" or "Doormouse"; the Queens guards were the "suits" (since they were wearing black suits, with the card number/suit embossed in black thread); and the secret organization (think FBI/CIA/KGB) was called "The White Rabbit". And third, this was a romance story (on par, I think, with "The Princess Bride" which is my all-time favorite film).

I would just like to tell the casting people "thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou" for getting Andrew-Lee Potts to play "Hatter". (I never imagined myself turning into an 'emo' loving person; but damn this guy was just so cute/hot/drool worthy--sorry Wesley you've been dethroned.)

The movie was well-paced (although I would've loved the ending to have been longer...or better yet, SyFy just make a T.V. show with Potts and Caterina Scorsone (who played Alice). The chemistry between those two was so fricking refreshing. I haven't seen a love story like that since BBC's "Pride And Prejudice" (Colin Firth, meltmeltmelt). [Well, it seems they can't because he's on a BBC T.V. show ("Primeval" or something like that); but one can dream.]

This is definitely "a Keeper" (as I already said, I went out and bought it).

Well, here are some "Hatter" photos. (I'm gonna have to search the internet for the Alice one I described earlier.)

Hatter Photos:

Creepy Hatter from the books:

Johnny Depp Hatter:

Andrew-Lee Potts Hatter:

Sweet dreams y'all. More later. Booboo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Heard A Rumor.

While I was flitting about the internet today (like any day), reading the news, catching up on what's happening in T.V./Movies, etc.; I've come upon some rumors. Some are interesting, most are just sad, and some made me scratch my head and go "huh?". So here we go:

The "Why Even Bother" rumor: Apparently a remake of Gilligan's Island is in the works. It's going to be a movie. Sigh, hollywood=no brains. This is just one of a long list of T.V. reboots: "Hawaii Five-O" (they are really trying to do something with actor Alex O'Loughlin (previously of 'Moonlight' (Mick St. John-vampire) but so far nothing is sticking); "Smurfs" (of all things, and hitting while the iron is still hot, they've got Neil Patrick Harris in it), and "The A-Team". Boy, you know, I just can't wait until they really start getting ahold of some really good ones, like "My Mother The Car" (they can get Angelina Jolie for the car); or "The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis" (hey, Steve Carrell seems to be up for anything lately); or, or "Cop Rock" (they can remake it, c'mon musicals are relevant again); or "The White Shadow" (they can make it "PC" can't they?). I think I better stop before someone actually does do something we'll regret...what's that you say? Too late? I wholeheartedly agree.

The "Oh You Can't Be Serious" rumor: John Kasinski (the guy from "The Office") is to possibly be "Captain America". The guy does absolutely nothing for me. I'm not a fan of (either) "The Office", and he's just some generic guy. Why don't they go with "unknown's" for roles like this. It worked for Christopher Reeves in the 70's with Superman (not so much for Brandon whoever in the reboot "Superman [whatever]" a few years ago [can you tell I wasn't a fan of that movie]). As I said, this was a rumor. Update: now it seems that they have cast Chris Evans as Cap. This I'm not too sure about. Chris Evans played "Johnny Storm/Human Torch" in both Fantastic Four movies. But him for Cap, I don't know. I still wish they would go with an unknown.

The "This Could Possibly Work" rumor: Sam Raimi has bought the rights to do "The Shadow". Hopefully he'll make it. I'd like to see it done by him, and done well.

The "OK, Why?" rumor: {Sir} Ridley Scott is doing a pre-quel to 'Alien'. Well, I guess if he is hurting for money (which he's not; he's got a hit show on T.V. right now "The Good Wife") or [hopefully, please, please, please be this] they actually have a good idea and a good script. Casting will definitely have to be brand newbies because I have no idea how they would be able to get Sigourney figured into it.

The "Hollywood Is Killing My Favorite Movies" rumor: An actress/whatever that I COMPLETELY despise, Jennifer Lopez, is going to be in the re-make of "Overboard". I hate her. Plain and simple. There is nothing about her that I like. Now she's doing this, ugh.

One more I found today: the "What Are They Thinking" rumor: John Malkovich and Frances McDormand are now scheduled to appear in the next "Transformers" movie. Ugh. Well, with this economy, I guess everybody needs all the money/work they can get.

Oh well, it looks I'll be saving a lot of money in the future because there's no way I'd see most of these in completed form.

More later. Booboo {shuffles off to hide in cave}

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vampire: How The Industry Is Sucking The Life Out Of The Concept

OR, this can also be called "How To Make Money While The Iron Is Hot".

I have never read any of the Twilight books. And I don't think I ever will have the urge to read them. I have never been a fan of Harlequin Romance: and these seem to fall under that category. I am, however, a fan of vampire (lore, movies, t.v. and novels) when they are done well.

The movie industry has most definitely struck while the iron is hot on these novels. And it's falling into the same trap as the "Harry Potter" movies. They have to make them quick before the lead actors age or start asking for more money or completely get disinterested in making the movies anymore.

Bubba, Shark-Boy and Frog love them; and for them I won't bash the movies too much.

Twilight the movie, IMO, falls into the category of "not done well". Mainly because it was boring (except for the parts where it was laughable.) I still can't get past the sparkling vampire concept; or the concept of the new girl immediately being loved by the entire school. I find the chemistry of (or lack thereof) Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart unbelievable. And the director (Catherine Hardwicke) is pretty unimpressive with her direction. But, to each his own.

Twilight Saga: New Moon is more of the same. They got a different director: Chris Weitz (who directed two movies that I did like: American Pie and About A Boy). And the acting was about the same. All-in-all, unimpressive. And now she's supposed to have a thing for the werewolf Jakob. I think the problem is the actress. She's just unempathetic and unbelievable.

It looks like I'll be going back to my old favorites: Interview With A Vampire and Near Dark to get me re-interested in the vampires again (but not now, I can wait on that).

Well, time to go enjoy the day. More later, Booboo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dedicated To A Strong Woman

Happy birthday, my friend.

All the hurt and pain that you've endured in the past have made you that much stronger. You don't know how much I admire you.

Titantica, today's your birthday. And I wish you nothing but happiness. You truly deserve it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Matinee

So, today I'm saving the trash for last.

There were four movies on the Netflix list this week. We didn't get around to watching "Armoured" (Matt Dillon robbery movie); and I didn't feel like hanging onto we'll watch it when it comes out on Encore.

So that left us with three. I had already seen "Astro Boy" in the theatre; so it was on the rental list for the Pocket Ferengei to watch--and he didn't seem too keen on watching it, so that one went back unwatched. (I love Netflix's unlimted "at a time" movie rentals...we are on the 5 at a time one [$34.ish a month]).


Here's the synopsis: "Social outcast Will (Gaelan Connell) doesn't know what to think when the popular Charlotte (Alyson Michalka) asks him to manage her fledgling rock group. But agreeing to help her win the school's upcoming battle of the bands turns out to be one of the best decisions he's ever made. For one thing, it's brought him closer to Sam (Vanessa Hudgens), a girl who shares Will's passion for music but doesn't realize how talented she is."

Now from that, it doesn't sound like much...and I really didn't give it much hope to catch my interest, boy was I wrong. Catch it, and kept it, it did. It even kept the Pocket Ferengei's interest (and he was ready to go to sleep). We watched this after watching "Did you hear about the Morgans" (which was about 11:30 pm); and I just wanted to get it watched and out into the mailbox so I could get the new releases that are coming out on Tuesday. (Yes, now that I see this in writing, I do have a "problem"--but at least it's not crack; I don't judge you, don't judge me.)

The movie stars Alyson Michalka (who has been in a few movies--not that I've seen any of them); and Gaelan Connell (who is brand spanking new). They are two people to watch out for as they grow in the industry (which I hope does not "chew them up and spit them out" as the industry tends to do with teens and newbies). They made you really feel for their characters. Vanessa Hudgens is turning out to be a pretty decent actress (she of the "High School Musical" tweenybop movies). Lisa Kudrow (from "Friends") plays Will's mom (and she's very funny and sweet). And the director, Todd Graff, is one of those "childhood" actors ("Sesame Street" and "The Flamingo Kid" (another good Kevin Dillon movie)) and he does a decent job directing this one.

Anyway, the movie has a very solid story. The "Powers That Be" hired actors that could sing, so that was a plus. And boy can Vanessa sing. Not often do you have teens sing Bread's "Everything I Own" (which IMHO is an awesome song-I'm a child of the 70's/80's), but Vanessa and the band gave it a good re-tuning (turning it into a "Ska" tune). And Alyson Michalka does a decent version of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me".

All-in-all, definitely worth a watch.


I saw this movie in the theatre when it came out...and I was the ony person in the theatre (thankfully the ticket was a free ticket; otherwise I would've waited to see this on DVD).

It's not a bad movie. It's definitely NOT a kiddie flick (for the 8-under crowd). It's more for the tweens-up crowd.

The story is based on a Japanese manga-comic and cartoon. Here's the synopsis: "Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving man's expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the father who had rejected him."

Now that synopsis is a very "nice" synopsis. The reason I say this is because in this movie the father (voiced by Nicholas Cage) tries to have the robot version of his boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore) "disassembled" (i.e.: killed). So here you have this Dad trying to kill his son. Now, maybe I'm being a bit nitpicking on that subject, but when I told a couple of people that I know that have kids and were interested in seeing it with them, they said they'd wait until the kids were older.

The animation is very well done; but, compared to "Up", there's no contest. "Up" is definitely the winner in the animation and story department.

Is it worth a look: sure. But definitely one to watch on cable.

"Did You Hear About The Morgans?"

Ugh. The funny parts (I'm being nice by calling them the funny parts) were shown in the previews. I'm not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker; and the PF is not a fan of Hugh Grant (so this was another "why are we watching this" movie). I usually find Hugh Grant funny, but not this time. The synopsis: A husband and wife from New York (or Chicago, because Hugh kept interupting her and telling her she was from Chicago a bunch of times in the movie) witness a murder, have the murderer hunting them down, so the FBI puts them in Witness Protection in Montana with Sam Elliot and Mary Steenburgen.

It's been done better before. And Hugh was just unfunny. Sarah was irritating. And poor Sam Elliot and Mary Steenburgen (two very good actors) had to deal with them; I felt so sorry for them.

This is a "late night cable for insomniac" movie. Don't waste the money on a DVD rental.

The last one for this week is "Twilight Saga-New Moon", which I'll be watching (by myself) today. The PF puts up with watching A LOT of crappy movies; but he has put his foot down on this series. So Monday will be my reviews on this (and the first one). Whoo boy.

More later, Booboo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Caturday!

And Happy 1st Day Of Spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Irish Eyes Are Watching

So, I got to talk with my sister Bubba last night. We were making semi-final confirmation of our plan to go out to dinner this weekend or next Tuesday (she's got a hankering for some Red Lobster). Before we got off the phone she mentioned she was going to watch "Brigadoon" (such a wonderful musical with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse). Which got me to thinking what I'm gonna watch to celebrate the day.

Last year I watched "The Matchmaker" (with Janeane Garofalo and David O'Hara [Who? He is a bit player in a lot of movies, most notably in the next Harry Potter movie he's gonna play "Albert Runcorn" [who is that? In the "Deathly Hollows" when they go to the Ministry of Magic in search of one of Voldemort's horcruxes, Ron steals his identity to be able to go in and search.] Oh joy, I don't believe I remember that.--ha, I didn't. I had to Google it.]

Anyway, The Matchmaker is a cute, romantic movie. Even the Pocket Ferengei liked it. Janeane's character works for a Senator seeking re-election and wants to get as many Irish votes as he can. The Senator sends Janeane to Ireland to find out his ancestry. The thing is, the day she gets into Ireland is the beginning of the annual Matchmaking festival. So all-in-all, it's a cute romantic comedy.

For St. Patty's Day two year's ago I watched Brigadoon and "Darby O'Gill and the Little People". This is the role that got Sean Connery cast as James Bond; and not because of his singing (the producer of the Bond movies saw Sean and thought he was perfect for the role of James Bond). This movie is another "cute" movie…but I don't think it's time for me to watch it again.

I'll probably wind-up watching "The Last Unicorn". I love that movie. It's one of the Rankin/Bass animated movies. (I think it’s the last one they made.)

Oh well, off to the movies. More later. Booboo

[Wow, two in one day. It makes up for the days I didn't Blog. hehehe.]
Happy St. Patty's Day to all my friends.

I was going to post "The Unicorn Song" here; but obviously I am a "tard" and have not figured it out. When I do, I shall post it. BUT, here are the lyrics:

A long time ago, when the Earth was green
There was more kinds of animals than you've ever seen
They'd run around free while the Earth was being born
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
The loveliest of all was the unicorn

The Lord seen some sinning and it gave Him pain
And He says, "Stand back, I'm going to make it rain"
He says, "Hey Noah, I'll tell you what to do
Build me a floating zoo,
and take some of those...

Green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
Don't you forget My unicorns

Old Noah was there to answer the call
He finished up making the ark just as the rain started to fall
He marched the animals two by two
And he called out as they came through
Hey Lord,

I've got green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I'm so forlorn
I just can't find no unicorns"

And Noah looked out through the driving rain
Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games
Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling
Oh, them silly unicorns

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Noah cried, "Close the door because the rain is falling
And we just can't wait for no unicorns"

The ark started moving, it drifted with the tide
The unicorns looked up from the rocks and they cried
And the waters came down and sort of floated them away
That's why you never see unicorns to this very day

You'll see green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
You're never gonna see no unicorns

[New Lyrics]
Now you might think this is the ending to the song,
But I'll have to tell you friends that in fact you're wrong
You see, Unicorns are magical, so when the rain started pouring,
They grew themselves some wings and they took to soaring.

You'll see green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
But if you're looking for the unicorns, don't be forlorn,
The second star to the right and straight on until morning.

(As I am the oddest Irish person I know (i.e.: I don't drink), I will be celebrating tonight by watching "The Last Unicorn" or "Brigadoon" or both. If you drink, bring a driver and have a safe Patty's Day.)

More later. Booboo

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Caturday Everybody!

'Tis the Catuday before St. Patrick's Day (the 1st holiday of the year devoted to binge drinking); and I found a green kitty).

It's raining and windy outside (yet another "Noreaster" has hit us, this time without the snow); so today will more likely than not be spent watching movies.

Last night we watched Netflix movies - "Planet 51". It was a cute movie. Not one worth buying (or as I call them "a keeper"); but it's worth a look. Dwayne Johnson voices an astronaut who lands on what he thinks is an uninhabited planet, only to find out that it is inhabited (with natives who are living in our 1950's era). The animation was pretty, it was a cool concept, and it was cute...but that's about it.

Thursday night we got to watch another Netflix movie - "Up In The Air" (after the Oscars, of course). And George Clooney acted exactly as I thought he would--George playing George. The movie, itself, was good; and the only person that I thought did really well with their part was the "Natalie Keener" part (who I thought was supposed to be taking his job, but that's not how it worked out in the movie). The part(s) I thought were interesting were the people who were getting fired by George. I knew that most of the people were from a open casting call, they used people who recently were fired and asked them to say what they really thought. So knowing that, it was really sad in a way seeing those parts (but at least those people got to get what they felt out of their systems--so I guess that was a good thing). The movie is worth a look (for all the press it got), and I liked what Jason Reitman did with it.

As I'm writing this, the Pocket Ferengei and I are watching "Public Enemies" (Johnny Depp is a gangster). As you can tell, I am 'so enthralled' with the movie [yawn], [I'm been writing my blog while watching it]. (The PF wanted to watch it, I was curious about it (I guess the old saying "curiosity killed the cat" is true-because boredom is killing me)).

Here's the synopsis: "In the shadow of the Great Depression, criminal minds are thriving -- notorious men like John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), "Baby Face" Nelson (Stephen Graham) and "Pretty Boy" Floyd (Channing Tatum) -- and it's up to J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) and the FBI to bring them down. Michael Mann directs this gritty crime drama based on the book by Bryan Burrough."

The PF said he liked it (I did my Saturday chores, got the laundry started, washed dishes, etc.). He said it's reminiscent of what could likely happen nowadays (which I agree); but I hope it doesn't.

So, in order to get the bad taste that that movie left me with, I've got "The Untouchables" out and waiting to go into the player. The Untouchables is an AWESOME movie. Most gangster movies made nowadays haven't even touched it. You've got Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro being directed by Brian De Palma--it didn't miss. When this movie came out (1987) I was working at a movie theatre and I remember very well opening day for this movie (of course it was completely sold out)...ah, it's just bringing back the memories -- such fun times.


Oooops, the movie is sucking me in. More later, Booboo

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is The Dry Spell Over?

Wow, it's not much but we finally saw two decent movies this week. (Well I watched two, my PocketFerengei only watched one of them).

The first movie came out about 10 years ago; and the "powers that be" just got around to doing the sequel.

Here's the synopsis for the first movie: "Sensing a God-given mission to cleanse the earth of all evil, twin brothers Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) set out to rid Boston of crime. But instead of joining the police force, these Irish Americans decide to kick criminal butt their own way. Willem Dafoe co-stars; and Billy Connoly also stars."

I like Willem Dafoe. He's a good actor. But I put him in a category called "Walken" (for Christopher Walken) -- one of those actors who are just so 'out there' that you can't really categorize them, and (most times) you can't really turn away from their performance. And in this movie he proves it. He plays "Special Agent Paul Smecker" and he's the guy trying to figure out the murders the brothers are doing. He is so out there its like he's channeling Christopher Walken.

The movie is bloody, and it has hit "cult" status (which means it didn't make money when it was in the theatre, but it has made up for it on cable and home video sales; but mainly word of mouth--like this!) This is definitely worth a look.

Now alot of people didn't like the sequel (the pure "fans"). Here's the synopsis: "Skillfully framed by an unknown enemy for the murder of a priest, wanted vigilante MacManus brothers Murphy (Norman Reedus) and Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) must come out of hiding on a sheep farm in Ireland to fight for justice in Boston."

It didn't really live up to it's predecessor. But it's just as entertaining to watch. And instead of Willem Dafoe's character ("Paul Smecker"), they gave us a female version of him: "Special Agent Eunice Bloom", his protege (played by Julie Benz, she's been on Dexter (or at least that's what her bio says)). She was alright, but Willem owned his role. Both movies were written and directed by the same guy: Troy Duffy.

I recommend them both.

I watched this one by myself, I knew I was gonna cry--and I did. This is a "true" story. It's funny when you see a movie labeled this, because it usually means that its been changed, sometimes drastically--like this movie. The true story is from 1924, Japan. A professor in the agricultural department would take the train to his job everyday. His dog would walk him there and meet him at the train when he came home at night.

Richard Gere was the professor (so that was partially true, except he's an American instead of a Japanese man); they got the name and the species right for Hachi (shortened from Hachiko; an Akita); and they got the profession of the guy correct (he is a professor of music; I don't know what the Japanese man was a professor of).

This movie wasn't out in the theatres (a first for Richard Gere, Direct-To-Video), and it is a remake of a 1987 Japanese movie ("HachikĊ Monogatari").

I definitely recommend it. The story was touching, and the dog(s) are really cute (I say plural for dog because the dog aged in the movie so they used a number of dogs--and they are a beautiful breed). Keep some tissues near you when you do watch it.

Well, I'm off to feed my Pocket Ferengei. Meatloaf (again).

More later, Booboo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, Tell Me The News?

Today was the day for my annual visit to Dr. NewMexico (my cardiologist). [Heh, that still looks weird: I'm 43 years old and I have a cardiologist--go figure.] He's a good doctor. [Butch Cassidy (my friend the nurse) told me to go to him, and I have not regretted this (or any of her recommendations). HINT: if you have a friend who is a nurse, and you have a problem, ask them to recommend you to a doctor. Nurses know these things.]

Dr. NewMexico told me that my blood pressure, EKG and blood work came back fine (although some were a little high, but not "worry about diabetes" high). And I love how he told me--(without telling me directly)--that I was fat and I need to loose weight! ["So everything came back fine, here's a print-out of a guy I recommend you follow regarding diet. You can find his books on Amazon. See you next year?"] Actually, I respect this. I'd rather have the type of doctor that tells you what you don't want to hear. (Now, me following-up what he tells me to do, that's a different story.)

Actually, I think it is time. Writing yesterday's blog reminded me of how fit I used to be. [I have never never ever been thin. But there have been times in my life where I have been at a decent enough weight. And Elder Sister's wedding was one of those times.]

I've been watching a couple of people on the internet (one who blogs [Hi, Thumper]; and one on Facebook [Hi, Titanica]), and I've been reading their struggles with losing weight.

So, I think it's time to join them. Wish me luck.

More later, Booboo.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Haaaaappy Anniversary.

Today is Elder Sister's (and her husband (Golf Guy)) anniversary. And it seems to be a "remake" of that day (only they got married on a Saturday and today is Tuesday).

It's a beautiful, no cloud in the sky outside day and its not too cold; the same as it was on their wedding day. I was her MOH (maid of honor) and his brother was the best man. I remember it as a fun day, and I'm glad that I was a part of it.

The funniest thing about that day (which I didn't find out until they got back from their honeymoon) was on their videotape (yep, it was that far back that we used a video camera and VHS tape). Our 'cousin' SVN* video taped little speeches from people for the happy couple. Mine was dumb and quick (because I hate being on video); most speeches were alright; but the Golf Guy's and Elder Sister's were hilarious (for different reasons).

Golf Guy can be a bit of a "cut-up", he can be funny when he wants to be [there, it's in writing, I have acknowledged that you are a funny guy, GG], and his part of the tape was friggin' hilarious. It seemed like he was doing a stand-up routine: "Do I love you? Would I not pay for this big wedding? Do I love you? Did I not come out, in the pouring rain and change your tire? [etc.].". (It's one of those things that you'd have to see.)

Then we get to Elder Sister's part of the tape, and she's a crying mess. (It was just funny, comparing her's to her husband's.)

My date to the wedding was an old friend -- Rickay. (We were just friends, nothing ever came of it.) That was actually the second time he'd been my date to a wedding. The first time was when an old childhood friend of mine, Custard, got married in Florida a few years later. I asked Rickay if he would be my date, and he said sure. So we made it into a nice vacation. Rickay, one of his sisters (Trip #1) and I wound up driving to and old friend of ours in Hollywood, Florida; where we stayed for the week. That was a fun trip. AND I learned never to go to Florida in July (because there is NO escaping the heat). One day, I thought I'd cool off by taking a dip in the pool they had where our friend lived; but it was like jumping into a bathtub filled with warm water. Ugh.

As far as I can tell, Rickay's still doing good. He was one of those boys who, in his younger years, was always in trouble (i.e.: a party monster). More recently I heard from his sisters that he was going through some medically tough times (the doctors used him as a guinea pig for a new treatment for the problem he had [which I'm not 100% sure about, but I think it was a type of cancer]--and it worked; he's still with us).

I recently got back in touch with him on Facebook. He sounds happy, and I do believe that he found religion. Good for him. Whatever gets YOU through the day, go for it…just don't push it on anyone else.

Oh yeah, and another anniversary that's happening this month: Dunkin' Donuts is now 60 years old. Whoo Hoo. Here's to another 60 DD.

Well that's all for now. More later, Booboo

*Not a blood relative cousin, but a daughter of our parents friends who I've known my whole life as "cousin SV" before she got the "N"; now she's cousin SVN. Who, by the way sent me an e-mail today with this in it (titled "Why The Dog Ran Away"):

(I want a cat like this. Murphy is almost as big, but compared to this guy--nah, he's little.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Bang Theory & Aquaman

As you know, I am a geekette. One of my favorite shows on T.V. right now is "The Big Bang Theory". They throw in a lot of pop, movie, comics references.

On tonights episode they had found a box full of things at a sale. The main story was about a ring that may or may not have been an original from "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring".

But that's not what got me lauging--they found an Aquaman figurine that someone had drawn a "phalic symbol" on it. Ruthrapoly says he'll fix it, and he grabs it and proceeds to start rubbing it off. (O.K. I did warn you that I was a geekette...and it was late...and my sleeping/happy pills kicked in).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Castle" Keeper

So, today is another beautiful day outside....and I'm choosing to watch my backlog of "Castle" episodes.

"Castle" is a police procedural television show that is on ABC, currently on Monday nights at 10:00 pm. It stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic* as "Richard Castle" and "Detective Kate Beckett" in New York City. Is this brand new TV: no; can it be kind of repetitive with the other police-type TV shows out there: sure. So why am I hooked? They work very well together. Sometimes I catch a vibe off of "Kate Beckett" that reminds me of Cybil Sheppard, but it works. The writing is not overly engaging, but it is fun to watch.

I started watching the show because of Nathan Fillion--he's just so handsome. I kind of felt sorry for the show for being on ABC because they have a tendency of killing shows (not as bad as FOX (ptui)) but its the same old story: if the show don't bring in the money--its gone (but on the other hand, I get the feeling that they seem to "forget" about certain shows that they have and let them continue (see "According To Jim"--I never thought they'd cancel that show, it just seemed to have a life of its own)).

Nathan's had a pretty iffy career so far:

"Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place" (horrible name for a show) it was on ABC for four seasons (here's some trivia: before being on ABC, the show was proposed to FOX who passed on it; & it co-starred Ryan Reynolds**).

"Firefly" (Fox sucks) -- this was a fantastic show, it actually was "a western in space" (which is what Gene Roddenbury said that Star Trek was supposed to be). Nathan was perfect in the role of "Captain Mal Reynolds". This was the first time that I paid attention to Josh Whedon (I never got into "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" [except for the original movie] or its spinoff "Angel" (and I love those types of stories) I just could not get into them]. But, I loved this show: the writing was great, the casting was perfect, the acting was really good. Fox just killed it (as it always does with any show that I like/love): first off, they showed the episodes out of order so it didn't make sense (to some people, I understood it), and second, they kept moving it around to different nights/times. (Fox has done this to other shows I loved: Millenium, Space: Above and's just a horrible network.) That's why I stand by what I said before "FOX SUCKS".

Other shows that Nathan's been in include: "Miss Match"; "Drive"; a stint on "Desparate Housewives" and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"; and then he found (or they found him for) "Castle".

So far, the show's been on for 2 years--I hope it goes on longer. I haven't heard if its been picked-up yet, but one can hope.

One other little side job Nathan did was "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog". Written and directed by Josh Whedon (for the internet--they did this while the writers strike was happening a couple years ago). Neil Patrick Harris stars as Dr. Horrible and Nathan stars as Captain Hammer. There's a lot of singing and they do it very well. It's a very well written story and definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

Oh well, back to my marathon. More later: Booboo.

*Boy did Marvel get casting wrong for Iron Man 2. Specifically the part of the "Black Widow". Scarlett Johanson is playing her, but they should have gotten Stana--she'd have been perfect for the role.

**Ryan Reynolds is currently filming "Green Lantern" (as Hal Jordan [a DC comic]) and "Deadpool" [a Marvel comic]. Why isn't Nathan being asked to be "Captain America"? I think he'd be perfect for the role (he can act, he does the "heroic" thing well (Firefly)), but {sigh} I don't think they will. (Nasty rumor I heard about "Captain America": heard they were thinking about having John Krasinski (the dude from "The Office" - USA show). Ugh, horrible choice. Maybe "Bucky Barnes", but not Cap.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Caturday Everybody!

[My Pocket Ferengei and our Spazz-enjoying a moment together--Spazz does this every night.]

Friday, March 5, 2010

And So It Continues...

So, we watched three movies from the festering pile...ooops, meant to say our Netflix rentals. Yesterday, I wrote about "2012". Today are your warnings for "Sorority Row" and "Gentlemen Broncos".

Sorority Row

Synopsis: "When a prank results in the accidental death of a Theta Pi sister, the sorority's members keep the crime under wraps. But as graduation rolls around, a masked killer begins stalking and slaying the girls responsible for the death."

I went into this movie knowing that it was going to be a dumb horror flick...and I wasn't disappointed. I fell asleep through it; that's how great it was. Sad to say Carrie Fisher was in it; and if she was 'camping' it up in this movie then I missed what happened to her (fell asleep). Thankfully I think I remember this being a small role for her. (I wish she'd do some more comedies, she's really funny.) I just had to find out who the killer was (Wikipedia, thanks bunches), and I don't remember that person at all. So, this movie was another complete waste of time.

Gentlemen Broncos

Synopsis: "Hoping that his novel brings him fame and fortune, high school loner Benjamin Purvis (Michael Angarano) attends a fantasy writers conference and later discovers that his masterwork has been plagiarized by an iconic author (Jemaine Clement)". This movie is from the guys who created "Napolean Dynamite" and "Nacho Libre" (so I guess this was their trilogy of crap). It stars Sam Rockwell (why, Sam, why -- you did so good in "Moon"), Michael Angarano ("Sky High"), Jennifer Coolidge ("Stifler's Mother" from "American Pie" movies, among others), and some guy named Jemaine Clement (from some show called "Flight of the Conchords", which I have heard about and, after seeing him in this movie, I have absolutely no desire to watch).

I can't describe how crappy this movie was. I'd say think of the crappiest Monty Python skit you could think of and multiply it by 100, but that's being too nice to the film makers. So let this be your warning, avoid this movie like the plague.

I am really glad that I bought the Pocket Ferengei beer yesterday, because he deserved it for watching these movies with me. AGAIN, Sweetums, I'm sorry for putting you through that.

There are still two movies to watch: "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" (starring Alan Arkin and Robin Wright Penn as a husband and wife moving to a retirement village--what a match-up); and "Public Enemies" (Johnny Depp as a bank robber). "Pippa" I'll be watching by myself (don't want to piss off the PF too much) and "Public" we'll probably watch tomorrow night after the Nascar race. Whoo hoo, I....Can't....Wait.

More later, Booboo

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"2012" (Or "How I Still Love Cusack, Even Though He Made A Bomb")

The movie "2012" came out this week, and I sure was lucky enough to have gotten my copy from Netflix. [Please watch the sarcasm dripping on the floor -- I wouldn't want you to slip and hurt yourself.]

As you can tell, I'm not a fan of it. With a running time of 2 hours and 30 minutes, you'd think a new idea would pop-up somewhere? But sorry, no.

If you don't know the story already, here's the synopsis: "An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors." The movies that I believe he ripped-off are [in no order, just like his movie]: "Poseidon Adventure", "Deep Impact" and/or "Armageddon" (historical sites blowing up), "Earthquake", "Flood", and portions of "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (bible movie, part about Noah). That's fine and dandy. If the guy wants to make a movie about the end of the world, go for it. But at least you'd think he'd have a unique idea about it -- he didn't.

Now as for the actors, well I'm thinking it had to be about the money. Woody Harrelson I can understand -- he's a character and he played a character. But John Cusack? I love him, he's a really good actor, one of my top three favorites, but -- wow. Did he really want to act against a blue screen? I'm still scratching my head about it. I don't think he wants to be a part of the "action hero" crew. His biography kind of proves that. Yeah he did "Con Air" (which was a good movie, good script, good actors, really a fun movie [Malkovich chewing-up the scenery]) and the same year he did "Grosse Pointe Blank" (which definitely was a "shoot-em-up" movie, but no big special effects); other than that, I don't think he did any other movies like this. Oh well, hopefully in the future he'll come upon a huge special effects movie that's worth him.

This movie was directed by Roland Emmerich (one of the many "shoot-em up, pow, bang" directors that are out there now). Here's his biography so far: "Universal Soldier" (proved that he has an idea -- okay); "Stargate" (proved he has some more interesting ideas in his head -- good job); "Independence Day" ([sort of] proving that he's not a one-idea kind of guy -- good job); "Godzilla" (remake; "stick a fork in him folks, he's done"); "Patriot" (no wait, he's still got something to give to us -- good job); "The Day After Tomorrow" (wait folks, he tripped-up a bit); and "10,000 B.C." and "2012" (fell into the fire head first; th-th-th-that's all folks). I read somewhere (I think it was on IMDB) that he has stated that this was going to be his last big effects-laden movie. Well, anyway, one can hope.

With that, I'm out-of-here. Off to see The Illegal for my bi-weekly fix of comics. More later, Booboo.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Lieu Of New Comic Book Day Picks, I Give You The Rest Of My Academy Award Picks.

I'm not doing picks for "Best Foreign Language" because I've never heard of any of the movies. (At least the Academy picks movies that I've heard about, but haven't seen (meaning the other categories)). So this will be about Best Supporting Actor and Actress; Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Screenplay and Best Animated Feature. Then that's it...I'm done with the Academy Awards (for now). So let's begin, shall we:

Best Supporting Actor --

Matt Damon (Invictus): This movie has many things going for it (for me anyway): Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood; and Rugby (a new-found passion of mine; I don't understand it--I just know that I like it)...And yet, none of the above could get me to the movie theatre to watch it. Matt Damon plays Francois Pienaar who (I'm guessing here) is the team owner of the South African Springboks Rugby team. Do I think he's going to win, no.

Woody Harrelson (The Messenger): Here's the plot for this movie from IMDB: "An American soldier struggles with an ethical dilemma when he becomes involved with a widow of a fallen officer". Does that sound like a movie you'd like to go see? How about if it was about one of the guy's who delivers the messages to the families of fallen soldiers? Still no, okay. What about "Earth's population has been decimated by a virus, related to the mad cow disease, that turns everyone into flesh-craving zombies. Only a handful of humans remain..." (Zombieland)--that's what Woody should have been nominated for. But no, the Academy does not have the balls to do it. [This is the first (but not the last) case of the Academy getting the right actor, wrong role.] Do I think he's going to win, no.

Christopher Plummer (The Last Station): See my "Helen Mirren" review from yesterday. (If Christopher Plummer gets this award, it's a sympathy award. Just saying.) Do I think he's going to win, no.

Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones): Here we have yet another case "right actor/wrong role". I have read this book. I read it before the movie came out (so I knew that Stanley Tucci was involved in it and what his part was). While reading the book [I don't know if you do this] I had a mental picture of Stanley Tucci while reading his parts. [Getting a little off-track here: there is a reason why The Lovely Bones is not nominated for "Best Picture", because it should be (family in turmoil: check; bad guy: check; unsolved murder: check); but why Peter Jackson wanted to do a PG-13 remake of "When Dreams May Come" is beyond me. (Peter Jackson: you picked the wrong movie...just go do the Hobbit please, thank you)] Now back to Mr. Tucci: he's another favorite of mine, and he should have been nominated -- just not for this role; he should have been nominated for his role as Paul Childs from "Julia and Julie". (But then again, I haven't seen this movie is on my Netflix que, so I will see it eventually.) Will Stanley Tucci win: no.

Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds): This guy came out of practically nowhere (because we, who don't watch a whole lot of foreign films/TV, don't know who he is) and almost stole the whole movie. He really, really, really made you want to go out and find him and hurt him. Which is what he's supposed to do as an actor. (Loved this movie.) We have a winner (Academy and mine).

Academy Winner (and mine): Christoph Waltz.

Best Supporting Actress --

Penelope Cruz (Nine): A movie based on a play based on a movie. (Almost sounds like "Victor/Victoria", but not). The movie the play is based on is "8 1/2 weeks" (now that I know that, why did they name it "Nine"?). I have absolutely no desire to see this movie (even if it has Daniel Day Lewis--yet another favorite). I will probably watch it on cable (by-passing Netflix). Also I'm not a huge fan of hers. Will she

Vera Farminga and Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air): I wrote about this movie on Sunday...I haven't seen it and I have no idea who these ladies are. Good luck in your future ventures ladies. Will they win.. no.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart): Same...I haven't seen the movie. I do like Maggie Gyllenhaal though. Will she win.. no.

Mo'Nique (Precious): Winner. Of all these movies [that I have not seen, mind you], she's the best sounding out of them all. She plays a creep (which is usually Best Actress fodder), but they went with supporting for her. Will she win...yes.

Academy Winner (and who I'd want to win): Mo'Nique.

Best Adapted Screenplay --

The nominations are: District 9; An Education; Precious; Up In The Air [I've written my thoughts about these movies elsewhere] and

In The Loop -- What a horrible, boring movie. No one should be tasked with watching this film. My Pocket Ferrengei is really very mad at me because I (almost) made him watch this whole movie. ("Almost" because he kept on asking me "why are we watching this?" through a good enough portion of the movie that I had to stop the DVD (and there was no way I was gonna continue watching it on any other day by myself)..sorry Sweetums.) Will it win: hahahahahahahahno.

Academy Winner: Precious [Booboo made a booboo with this, I just changed it from "An Education" (which I wrote earlier) to this; ooops]; Who do I want to win: District 9.

Best Original Screenplay --

The Hurt Locker; Inglorious Basterds; The Messenger; A Serious Man; and Up.

Academy Winner (and who I want to win): Inglorious Basterds.

Best Animated Feature:

Coraline: Now this is a shame. I love Neil Gaiman. I went out and saw this movie; AND I bought the DVD. The story (which from Neil that means "twisted fairy tale") is about "an adventurous girl who finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets". The girl's part is a strong girl's part; there are a lot of interesting characters in it (I loved the schnauzer dogs); and it's stop-motion animation (which I love). Will this win: sorry, no.

Fantastic Mr. Fox: I'm waiting for DVD on this one. I hear it's a neat movie. I'm a big fan for unique animation. It's based on a kid's book. It has George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwarzman, Bill Murray, and a bunch of other people that I like; but I just didn't go out to see it. Will it win, maybe -- but I think Pixar's "Up" had the stronger story.

The Princess & The Frog: He's a prince whose been enchanted into the form of a frog who needs the kiss of true love, [actually, I'm guessng here]. Sorry to say, this is the only Disney animated movie that I have not gone out and seen in the movie theatre (this is going back to when I was a child). It just didn't catch my attention. I didn't really like the story of "the princess and the frog" in fairy tales (well, except for my comic book series I follow "Fables"; they did a really good job with Flycatcher...but that's for another day). I do like jazz; but that's not enough for me to go and see a movie nowadays. Will it win: no.

The Secret Of Kells: Here's the plot for this one -- "The animated story of the boy behind the famed Book of Kells." What does that mean? I have no idea. I have never heard of this movie..not even at the end of last year (when they usually have a movie come out in the last two weeks of December so that it can be considered for an Oscar). I can't believe they chose this, but not "Ponyo" (but that's for another day.) Will it win: no.

Up: I've written about this before on Sunday. But it's such a good movie I'll continue here. Pixar makes such wonderful movies. They keep getting better and better with every one that they come out with. And it's because of both the story and the animation. I cried at the beginning of this movie...and it's animated. I know it's not real, but still they made me cry. My pick for best movie of 2009. Really, if you haven't seen this movie yet, go see it.

Academy Winner (and who I want to win): Up.

Well that's about it for the Oscar stuff until Sunday. (I'll be posting later on in the week (after the Oscars on Sunday) about the dresses and my thoughts about the Oscar telecast itself).

As for tomorrow and beyond, more exciting stuff from me (yeah right)...More later folks, Booboo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Academy Awards, Part Deux

So, since I started on Sunday with some picks; I might as well continue.

Today's Blog will be about Director, Actor and Actress.

Best Director

Here we get to pick from: Kathryn Bigelow for "The Hurt Locker", James Cameron for "Avatar", Lee Daniels for "Precious", Jason Reitman for "Up In The Air" and Quentin Tarantino for "Inglorious Basterds".

I've seen three (Locker, Avatar and Basterds); and I haven't seen the other two (Precious and Up In The Air).

Academy pick for winner is: The Hurt Locker. Who I'd Really Love To Win: Inglorious Basterds. Same reasons as I gave on Sunday.

Best Actor

Here we get to pick from:

Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart) -- I did not see this movie. But I am totally in love with Jeff Bridges. I will watch this movie when it comes out on DVD. The synopsis is: "A faded country music musician is forced to reassess his dysfunctional life during a doomed romance that also inspires him". This sounds like "Academy fodder"*: which is stuff that the Academy really likes to see (see last year with Mickey Rourke and "The Wrestler"). I really think he's going to win the Academy Award for this part.

George Clooney (Up In The Air) -- Here's another actor that I love. George seems to be playing the same type of guy: suave, good looking, in a nutshell: George Clooney. And this film seems (from the preview, since I haven't seen it) to be him acting like that; George being George. I guess I'll just have to wait until I see the film to change my opinion of it. It'll be a surprise for me if he's picked the winner.

Colin Firth (A Single Man) -- [Mr. Darcy. What can I say, I love Mr. Darcy.] Colin Firth is yet another favorite of mine. But this is yet another movie that I haven't seen. It's another period piece (1962 this) and it deals with strife that the Academy seems to love ("an English professor at a Los Angeles area college is finding it difficult to cope with life when Jim, his personal partner of sixteen years, dies in a car accident"). I am looking forward to seeing this film, and I really do hope that Colin wins, but I don't think he will.

Morgan Freeman (Invictus) -- Easily the perfect casting role ever. Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. But yet again, this is another movie that didn't draw my attention enough for me to bother to go see it in the theatre. So far this is 4 for 4 on favorite actors for me; but I just don't think this is going to be the year for Morgan to win the Oscar.

Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) -- He plays Staff Sergeant William James. The movie's supposed to be about the whole squad that defuses bombs in Iraq, but he's the main person (this is after Guy Pierce [yet another favorite of mine] gets blown up) who the movie focuses on. I don't think he's gonna win the oscar. (Hey Conlon, he's rumored to be "Hawkeye" in the Avengers movie: what's your thought on that?)

Winner (& who I'd love to win): Jeff Bridges.

Best Actress

Here we get to pick from: Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side); Helen Mirren (The Last Station); Carey Mulligan (An Education); Gabourey Sidible (Precious); and Meryl Streep (Julia & Julie).

I've already written about The Blind Side, An Education, and Precious (on Sunday).

Helen Mirren (The Last Station): This is "A historical drama that illustrates Russian author Leo Tolstoy's struggle to balance fame and wealth with his commitment to a life devoid of material things". Yet another movie that screams "Academy Award". It's just that you could not pay me enough money to watch this movie. It sounds too boring. Even if it has Christopher Plummer (who was fantastic in "Up" as Charle Munz, but will always be "Captain" to me [from Sound of Music]) and James McAvoy (an up and coming cutey) in it. I'm sorry, I just can't.


Meryl Streep (Julia & Julie): I saw this movie on DVD, and loved her and Stanley Tucci's roles. Meryl is perfect as Julia Childs. I wished they had made the whole movie with just Meryl and Stanley as Julia and Paul and cut out the Amy Adams stuff [She plays a blogger who wrote a blog where, for 1 year, she attempts to make all of Julia Child's recipes from Julia's first book. Julia Child never gave this Julie lady her blessing (it said so in the movie).] Will she win: she should, but I don't think so.

Academy winner: Sandra Bullock. Who I'd Love To Win: Meryl Streep (because she was just so excellent in her part); but I think Sandra's going to beat her this time.

Which brings me to this thought: what lousy choices. The Academy Awards say that their choices are from the whole year. [Well I was going to say B.S. to that. But I just checked a list of movies that came out from 1/1/09 to 12/31/09 and I only found three movies that I thought were really good and should have been nominated for something (acting mainly):

Last Chance Harvey (Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson) -- He's a down on his luck kind of guy who meets up with Emma Thompson who makes life better for him. I liked it a lot and I thought they both gave good performances;

Moon (Sam Rockwell) -- he plays a man on the moon serving out a 3 year mission. The movie begins near the end of the 3 years. Sam (yet another favorite of mine) does a wonderful job basically acting against himself. Kevin Spacey voices the robot (GERTY) that's on the station with Sam. And this was directed by Duncan Jones (formerly known as Zowie Bowie (David's son)). Duncan did a fantastic job directing this movie (and yet he gets bupkiss from the Academy for his efforts). NASA asked for this film to be screened for them, because of certain mining techniques he came up with. They wanted to question him about it--which I think is really cool; and

The Soloist (Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Fox) which is a movie that I thought would also be Academy fodder (based on a true story: check; two solid performances by the leads: check; one of the lead characters has a mental handicap: check). This movie screamed nomination; or at least in the past it would have. It seems that Jaimie Fox "shot himself in the foot". (A week or two before the movie opened, on his radio show that he has, he said something to upset all the "Hannah Montana" fans/mommies out there...I don't know what he said, but apparently it was enough to drive people away from this movie).]

In the past I have found more movies or parts that were screwed, but I guess the Academy got it right this year.

Oh well, more later...Booboo.

*"Academy Fodder": Any type of movie that seems to be made specifically with the Academy in mind -- mainly historical pieces, but also includes people that are in "bad places" (physical or theoretical) who bring themselves up out of it and make their life better; or the always popular 'based on a true story' (which is more likely than not the director(s) vision of a true story (but he didn't really like it, so he wanted to change it 'just a bit')). There are more reasons: I just can't think of them right now.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I used to follow a blogger by the name of "Old Horsetail Snake" (Gene Maudlin). He's been gone from us for over a year now, and I still miss reading his jokes and stories. Gene's the person who got me into "Rabbit/Rabbit".

On the first of the month he'd link a picture of rabbit(s) on his blog (or around the beginning of the month because he was sick) and with a note: "if you say it twice at the beginning of the month you'll have good luck for the rest of it".

I've continued this tradition on my Facebook page; and now I'm going to continue it here.

Facebook has been pretty fun for me. I've met some interesting people on it. I've also found my latest obsession on it: "Farmville".

Farmville is a game where you have items on your farm (horses, cows, chickens, pigs, etc.) that you have to collect or "farm". Like milk from cows, eggs from chickens, etc. For the pigs you collect truffles and for the horses you collect horsehair (which is good because when I first started playing, and didn't know anything about what they "give", I initially thought "bacon" for pigs or "glue" for horses, but then I thought "wow, that'd be really sick"). When you perform these activities you get coins and experience points. There are options for people to pay money to get "cash" items; but I'm not that fanatical about it (and I hope I don't get that way).

It's a fun, mind numbing, thing to do; kind of "zen" like.

To make it more fun, you can have "neighbors". I started off having neighbors that were actual friends/family. Now I've gotten International with it and have about 60 neighbors from a couple of different countries.

People are always looking for neighbors. And there are a couple of different ways to get them: a) on your friends Facebook page, people will see your name in a link for a Farmville activity and you might wind-up getting an invitation to be "friends" that way; or b) if you go to the Farmville Facebook page you'll usually find messages for people who are looking for neighbors and you can get them that way. You see, the more neigbors you have, the more fun/coins you'll have.

I'm mentioning this game because of something that happened a couple of weeks ago on it. Farmville allowed us to upgrade our chicken coops by allowing us to have a "barn raising". The neat thing about this was watching everyone help everyone else out. For about an hour on a Friday afternoon there were fast and furious barn raising(s) going on. People were posting on their Facebook pages that they needed help raising their coops, and friends were sending them the help. So that by late that Friday night almost everyone of my friends (and me) had their coops done. It was just a real neat experience to watch.

Too bad this doesn't happen in real life too often. Oh well...happy Monday everyone. More later...Booboo.